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Emotionally Connecting

Students to The Future

Day In The Life Series

B. Media House generated a wide variety of content during ACE's 2017 commencement weekend.

Through extensive preproduction, B. Media House and American Collage of Education (ACE) created a plan to capture an intensive amount of footage and content in just two days. We interviewed students, professors and faculty, captured a run of show of the graduation, shot creative B-roll throughout and even filmed spontaneous next generation testimonials. The large amount of coverage gives ACE a variety of options for videos moving forward, updating their visual communications strategy.  

  • Video Production
  • Strategy
  • Animation
  • Script Writing
  • Editing
  • Consulting
  • Story Research


Asset 1

“Dan Jones 1 Minute”

Asset 1

“Kelly Boersma 30 second ”

Asset 1

“Kelly Boersma 1 minute”

Asset 1

“Kelly Boersma 2 minutes”

Asset 1

“Shantram Hawkins 30 second”

Asset 1

“Shantram Hawkins 1 minute”

Asset 1

“Shantram Hawkins 2 minute”




Filmed in 2 days

Content Captured

Generated from a Facebook Ad

Social Media
People Reached

Through 3 videos

Social Media
B. Media House was the perfect partner

"We worked with B. Media House on a number of projects, but most recently with our summer campaign. It was a multichannel campaign that utilized video as well as stills to tell the story of our students. B Media House was the perfect partner for us to get that emotion out of our subjects and bring that to life in the campaign."

Mike Cook - Marketing Manager
Video Testimonial